Popular Hulu Addons: HBO, Cinemax & Starz

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Hulu TV has become one of the most popular streaming platforms for video, movies and other popular TV shows. It has a number of plans with different prices and benefits along with the movies and shows that one gets to enjoy through Hulu. The Add-ons are generally known to be the Premium Networks that do not come along with the Hulu plans. Along with the selected Hulu plan, one has to buy the premium add-ons with spending a few extra bucks.

The most popular & only premium add-ons for Hulu are HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime. All of these come with individual prices that the viewer has to pay according to the one he opts for besides paying for the Hulu plan. Each of the add-ons has a great collection of movies and shows to be enjoyed by the viewers.

Premium Addons for Hulu

Recently, it has been announced that the ones who are having any of the subscription packages of Hulu can spend some extra bucks for adding HBO along with Cinemax, which is known to be its sister channel.

Both the subscribers, one who has the basic subscription of Hulu plan having the commercials and the others who are enjoying Hulu’s Live TV can enjoy the channels now by paying the extra.

The on-demand and linear programs of the channels owned by Time-Warner have now become available for all the Hulu subscribers, only for the ones who are ready to pay for them. This has been the perfect time for Hulu to provide their viewers with the two add-ons of HBO and Cinemax as it has been reported that HBO has launched the new seasons of Games of Thrones and Ballers along with the others which are known to be the top favorites of the viewers from HBO.

The New Add-ons in Hulu

Hulu had primarily offered Showtime to its subscribers as an add-on in 2015. By combining the iconic programming of HBO with the awesome user experience and the contents that it offers, Hulu is actually providing its subscribers with great personalized access for providing the television’s best.

1. HBO Hulu Addon

If the viewers want to enjoy the shows of HBO on Hulu TV, he will have to pay $14.99. The cost is consistent with the standalone offerings that they provide which also includes HBO NOW.  Last Week Tonight, Veep, Silicon Valley, Sesame Street, and Vice are the hit series.

Limited series of Big Little Lies, The Night Of along with a few others are available. The recent hits of the box office are also available like X-Men: Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, Independence Day: Resurgence, The Boss, and Jason Bourne.

Get HBO on Hulu

2. Cinemax Hulu Addon

Cinemax is owned by the HBO. As HBO is on HULU, so does Cinemax.  If the subscribers of Hulu want to enjoy Cinemax, they will have to get it at $9.99. It offers the evergreen hit movies like Warcraft, Deepwater Horizon, and The Purge: Election Year along with the series like Outcast, The Knick, Quarry, and Banshee.

3. Starz  Hulu Addon

Every Hulu subscriber has to pay $8.99/month for adding Starz to his Hulu plan. Recently, the most engaging announcement that has been made is that Power (a drama series) which is a popular hit in Starz will be displayed on Hulu.

Presently, the first and second seasons of the series can be streamed and season three of the same show will be following soon at the end of this year. The future seasons of this series will also become available on Hulu with the passing of time. Being one of the biggest television shows, Power will surely have a great appeal for the audience of Hulu. This will also boost the growth of new audiences on Hulu.

Ending With

Hulu has always pioneered in the business of TV streaming and has been successful in building a robust customer base as they had always offered the viewers with top-class contents from the various networks. Hulu was primarily available in the US only but today it has more than 47 million unique viewers if seen on a monthly basis.

The recently launched beta version of Hulu’s Live TV broadcasts more than 50 Live Hulu channels. One gets a lot of options to select from as Hulu offers different packages that have different options of channels. One can select them according to their own choice and budget.

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