Narcos Netflix Original Review & Story Line

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Narcos 2015

Show Title:Narcos
Year of Release:2015
Cast:Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, Pedro Pascal, Joanna Christie & Many More
Watch On:Netflix

Narcos is one of the violent series showcased on Netflix. One cannot expect a warm and good feeling after watching all the seasons of Narcos. In fact, this series reminds the viewers of the time in Vietnam when some people who went against the laws and damaged society by spreading cocaine as far as they could. This series is a fiction one but based on real events, telling the story of the protagonist named Pablo Escobar and other drug traffickers in Columbia on the year 1970s. The series shows how some rich Americans were dubbed into drug addiction by these people. The narrative of the series is shown from the perspective of Steve Murphy who is an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration who has come to stop this drug menace.

Jose Padilha who is a Brazilian filmmaker and the producer of Narcos tells that the series has been influenced from ‘Goodfellas’. Like the film, it has a voice over. The camera eliminates the dramatized scenes, we keep on hearing Murphy describing the exact events taking place in the series. This kind of technology lets the series cover a lot of ground where you are Murphy putting forward the narrative quite quickly.

By the time one-fourth of the series is watched one finds the story has already shown an illicit business boom, Columbia’s law system, which is already been corrupted by the cocaine money. One of the biggest advantages of watching this series is that the series doesn’t mess around the main topic or cast of thousands of nonsense. The entire series is built upon sharp writing and outstanding performances by the actors. The show is taken away by the performance enacted by the Brazilian actor Wagner Moura, who plays the role of Escobar.

This series is not only a fight between the good guys and the bad guys but it encounters the actual character of Escobar. The character of Escobar shows that he is not satisfied by the mere amount of monetary gains from his business venture. Mr Moura who can do a lot by just staring at someone from a distance portrays a man who is unaware of the fact that what exactly is driving him. Recover sympathizes with the poor, gets into politics, tries to be a good family man though he has an affair with a reporter, all he is doing by the ordering of killing other people for his personal gains.

By the end of season one, we see that Escobar has difficulties in defining himself. We observe Escobar declaring that he is a poor man with money which actually sums up the entire contradictions present in his character.

The series has its share of violence. Season 2 has its own climactic moment with the presentation of Escobar’s rooftop execution. This scene has a particular finesse of art and the way it has been presented. The third season of Narcos tells the story of a man who rose to fill the vacuum created by his absence. The ending season actually portrayed where things were actually headed to. The last season takes the spectators into a new dimension of the long drug war while creating a soft reboot for the series.

The last season also portrays some sense of humour though the viewers would laugh at bleak scenes. The series which started at Columbia finally ends in Mexico. The series ended with Carlos Mufioz Portal found dead near Central Mexico. Seeing him dead people immediately found out that the narcos gang has also killed Portal. Though his murder still remains unsolved, it does offer a sad reminder of the Sisyphean futility of the decade’s long drug war. Narcos as a fantastic series continues to portray the haunting reality of drug addiction and also suggested that this societal subject or threat wouldn’t stop in anytime in the near

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