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How I Met Your Mother TV Show

Show Title:How I Met Your Mother
Year of Release:2005
Cast:Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick HarrisAlyson Hannigan,Cristin Milioti.
Watch On:Hotstar

How I Met Your Mother is an American sitcom. It has a gathering of five companions Ted, Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin, who meet, eat and drink at a bar in nearly every one of the seasons. This popular series will cause you to comprehend life in a greatly improved manner. At first, when watchers began watching this show, they just began getting a charge out of it. Yet, with time, they understood they are living with the characters. This television series will show you a ton of significant exercises of life like you need to hang tight for the correct minute. This series involves love, separation, modern-day connections and some more.

The story is around five companions who explore their love adventure, stirred up with huge amounts of amusing stories. Ted is a forlorn person, who needs to make a family, however, the girl he wants to settle with always ends up in rejection. In this way, in every season Ted tries his lonely luck to win the girl’s hearts but never gets successful. Marshal and Lilly are Ted’s closest companions they are as one for a long time and are arranging a wedding with every one of the outcomes originating from that. Barny is the Casanova of the entire group. He’s interesting and egotistical in a very humorous way. Check out our list of TV series sites from where you can watch adorable TV shows online for free.

HIMYM is a progression of every one of those episodes wherein a father, the primary hero of the plot, TED MOSBY with his four closest companions describes to his children of how he met their mother. Beginning from his school days to each one of those occasions where his companions Lilly and Marshal deliver a Baby, it has been a worthful story.

The popular TV series offers equity to every one of its characters and shows all the signs of affection, kinships, connections and how companions are there when you need them. However, everybody should watch this astonishing TV series once in their life so that you can relate to your own life.

With all the laughter, love bonding, companionship there comes the final season of the show. In the final season, we finally see the primary hero of the plot Ted Mosby finally meeting Tracy. Tracy is the future mother of his children. The final season finally lets the viewers how Ted met Tracy under a yellow umbrella. But it is also revealed in the final season that Tracy has been dead for 6 years in 2030. However, the end is a bit sad and very shocking to the viewers to accept this fact of confrontation with his children.

Perhaps, the series finale is the hardest thing to take into consideration the millions of viewers. However, the end didn’t live up to the fan’s expectations. The end was a big-time disappointment and dissatisfaction among the viewers. The best thing about ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is about the friendship each of them shares with each other under every circumstance.

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