Mobdro App For Android – Mobdro Latest Update

mobdro appFor the longest time, entertainment buffs griped over the ridiculous pricing structure and rigidness linked with cable TV subscriptions. The last decade saw a major revolution in the TV-viewing sphere in that companies launched online TV streaming services such as Hulu Live, at many affordable prices. However, the most recent development that everyone seems to be raving about, are freemium IPTV streaming services. Puzzled? Well, these businesses (usually digital) aim to offer their services for free, albeit, with premium features that you would otherwise have to pay for. Mobdro App is one such freemium streaming service available for your Android.

Unfortunately, a couple of old freemium services such as Kodi, have been in the news for offering illegal football streams or download options. Although the Mobdro app has been around for a few years, it has gained momentum only recently. Hence, it is still off the radar of copyright law enforcers. In this article, I’ll tell you about the Mobdro app for Android and all its features.

What is Mobdro?

By now you probably have a slight idea about what the Mobdro free online application offers. To make it even clearer, Mobdro is an open-source online tool that rummages the internet for video streams that are available at no cost. The service then pushes the content on its platform to make it easily accessible for users. Although you can access on-demand video content, lately the chief focus has been on Mobdro live TV, a feature that lacks in most other freemium services.

Are any Premium Plans Available?

Yes! I know that I already said that Mobdro is free. And yes, the free version lets you access unlimited content. However, those who hate advertisements and wish to download the on-demand content for watching it offline can upgrade to the paid plan which is priced at €2.99/month ($4/month). Furthermore, users also get Chromecast support along with the premium membership.

Note that you can only opt for the aforementioned plan only through the Mobdro app itself by selecting Go Premium. This option is located in the upper left corner.

Online Content on Mobdro

As mentioned earlier, Mobdro online offers both, live channels as well as on-demand videos. From movies to TV series to Cartoons to News to Music to Sports, you name it, Mobdro has it.

The live channel selection is quite impressive for a free app with popular networks like ABC, CBS, A&E, HGTV, National Geographic, Cartoon Network, History Channel, TNT, Showtime, BBC America, CNBC, NBC, ESPN, TLC, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, and Starz.

The menu option of Mobdro consists of 5 broad parts: Categories, Favorites, Recently Watched, Downloads, and Live. Category sub-menu holds different tags like Channels, News, Shows, Movies, sports, etc. The Favorites tab will hold the marked shows and channels that you have selected as favorites and want quick access to it. Recently watched and Downloads shows the recent and downloaded content respectively.

The last is the Live section. This sub-menu is one of the most thrilled and loved sections of the Mobdro app. It shows Live TV which varies over different genres and channels. A lot of people use this application for accessing live streaming only. It is smooth, free, and uninterrupted. If you wish to watch a specific title, you can simply choose from Mobdro’s comprehensive list of on-demand videos that range across a wide array of genres such as Comedy, Thriller, Drama, Anime and Romance. One can also watch and download the latest anime series offline with the Mobdro app. It’s not limited to anime, there are lots of other content users can enjoy.

Download Mobdro For Android

Download the apk file and directly install the app on your device for free-content streaming. Here’s the link to Mobdro apk free download file –

Download Mobdro

To download the Mobdro app one needs to visit their official website which is “’. The installation process is quite a simple one if you strictly follow the steps mentioned on the website minutely. To mention, Mobdro is not a legit platform to watch any video. You can try these legal live tv apps for live Internet TV. If living inside the US, one can start Hulu 30 day trial and watch popular American channels live and on-demand free for a month. Complete Hulu channels are listed here with all the necessary information.

Ensure that you’re using a 4.1 or up to access the app or else it’ll show you an error called Parse error. Also, remember to download the latest version of the apk file from the official site only, otherwise, it might prompt you to check your connection.

Device Support

This is one area where Mobdro falls a bit short. Currently, you can only enjoy the Mobdro service on all Android devices, Amazon Fire TV/TV Stick, and Google Chromecast (with the Premium plan only).

Mobdro For PC / Mobdro For iOS

If anyone tells you that you can install Mobdro for iOS or on your PC then they are not telling you the complete truth as unfortunately, the developers have not developed the app for iOS devices, Roku TV, Apple TV, or any of the gaming consoles. The reason behind this can be the rigid & strict security that does not allow this application to work smoothly. However, you can still use the app on your PC or MacBook by downloading an Android emulator such as Bluestacks and then run the app on it. That said, the experience may suffer greatly!

Mobdro App Features

Irrespective of which plan you choose, you’ll be able to get the following features with this free TV app:

  • Categories such as Channels, Movies, TV Shows, Music, etc. for quick navigation and hassle-free browsing.
  • Video sharing – enables users to view what their friends/family are watching and vice-versa.
  • Bookmarking videos to make it simpler and more organized to narrow your search on your next log-in.
  • There’s also a Parental filter that can be disabled/enabled to keep your kids away from adult content.

Download Mobdro for PC

How is the Overall User Experience?

Mobdro android has a very polished look to it. The design, as well as the layout, is akin to any other premium service. Content is displayed in a tidy manner, grouped under carefully thought-out categories. This makes navigation, a breeze!

In our experience, streaming content on Mobdro was a lot laggier and grainy compared to other mobdro alternatives. You had to require bags full of patience for bearing the joys of watching free movies & TV. Now though just a lightning-fast internet connection is needed to run smoothly. To boot, the streaming player only lets you stop/play the video, bookmark it, or download it. Also, there’s no way to get subtitles or adjust the video quality. However, most of the content is available in a decent quality so that’s not much of an issue.

One other feature that I like a lot about the Mobdro app is its language filter. The language filter has a range of around 20 languages which include English, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, etc. Just select the language whose content you want to stream and the app will seamlessly show only that language videos. This feature will work great for our Bollywood movie lovers.

Any Major Cons?

The biggest con according to me, as told earlier in the limited platform support. Mobdro app can be enjoyed only by a certain market segment due to this very reason. Another drawback is that the content is interrupted by frequent ads. However, you can get rid of that completely by going for the premium plan.

In spite of all the awesomeness associated with Mobdro, there are a few flaws as far as the interface is concerned. The application lacks a few basic options. When trying to watch a TV show, you cannot select a season, let alone an episode! If you click on a particular title, it’ll take you straight into the first episode with no menu whatsoever.

Is it Legal to Use The Mobdro App?

Well, technically, it is not legal because Mobdro does list down a lot of pirated streams. However, since the application only indexes sites, they will remain unaffected in case of any copyright strikes. You may check the Techradar guide on Mobdro grey area. That said, users and sites hosting pirated content could be held responsible for distributing/consuming such content. But you can avoid all the trouble by subscribing to a VPN service (Touch VPN etc).

If you’re worried about safety, don’t be! As long as you have downloaded the apk file from the official source(yeah! the one you saw here), you’re good. However, it’s important to note that it still may contain some malware that could serve as a threat to your device, so use it with caution.


Overall, Mobdro App is a great streaming service for watching free online TV and movies and that too for free. On the effort and content selection front, I’ll definitely give it a 10/10 considering that you don’t pay a penny for it. However, there’s still room for improvement in the area of interface and personalized options.